What Are The Best Chicco Baby Monitors From 2018?

When you have a baby at home, it seems essential to adopt a maximum of rigor in terms of safety and comfort. That’s why Chicco baby phones are one of the most important baby care items. Indeed, it can be very convenient to have the equipment to constantly monitor your kid. Especially since the risks are never to be avoided with accidents.



Thanks to this accessory, your child will be reassured by always feeling your presence. If you are not really used to buying a childcare product, it is perfectly normal to get lost in the technical details. Know that as it is a communication tool, the main thing is to minimize interference, the best models even guarantee a zero index on this point.

First of all, concerning the budget, a quality specimen is in principle sold for a few hundred euros. Even though the price may be a reference criterion, buying the most expensive product does not necessarily ensure the absence of defects. The best would therefore be to opt for a good brand, like Chicco, which rarely disappoints us.

If you just need the basic features of a baby monitor, a standard model will suffice. However, it is much more prudent to turn to a sophisticated device that can have various video options, infrared camera, and activation modes. Indeed, it is the option that offers you the maximum comfort and security.

Very practical, the video baby-listening allows at the same time to visualize your child at any time and to capture the best moments spent with your little treasure. If you take this choice, the details to check include the quality of the screen resolution.

In terms of power, some models work with batteries or batteries while others are connected to the mains. These are recommended if you want to avoid worries with spare batteries.

Top 3 Best Chicco Baby Monitor Review:

Chicco Digital Video Top


If you have designed your home with thick walls, consider buying the Chicco Digital Video Top with a white USB cable to communicate seamlessly with your baby’s room. Indeed, this product is of irreproachable quality, whether in terms of sound or video. It is especially popular for its versatility and ease of use.

Thanks to its digital technology, this equipment offers excellent communication in both directions, which excludes interference. In addition, its range covers a wide distance of 150 meters. Like most baby phones from Chicco, this model has very practical features. Other options are also provided to ensure maximum comfort for the baby, like the nightlight that can be set to fixed or variable intensity.

The baby unit is able to measure the temperature present in the room of this one or to record his songs to rock him during his sleep with the mp3 audio input. As for the parent unit, it allows at the same time to view the child permanently on a large screen of 3 inches, but also to capture your favorite moments in photos or video.

And as a bonus, you will have a USB cable that will be very useful for you to transfer to your computer. Budget side, the price is quite high, but we must admit that it is quite reasonable for a high-end product.

Chicco Digital Essential


If you do not really need to watch your baby on a screen, the Chicco Digital Essential will do just fine. In terms of quality, this unit far surpasses standard models, whether in terms of durability or comfort. In reality, it is the best choice if you consider the value for money.

Despite the lack of video option, this baby monitor is still very practical. Indeed, it does not only serve to establish contact between the parents’ room and the baby’s room. For example, it allows you to rock your child with your own songs or with some music recorded with its mp3 audio input. It should also be noted the presence of a night light to reassure your baby during his sleep.

But the most striking advantage is probably its operating range of 330 meters far exceeds most baby phones sold on the market. However, this index is rather indicative and can therefore vary depending on whether the device is used in the open field or not. On the communication side, its digital DECT technology excludes any interference.

As this product was not designed for communication, the brand has provided on this model the existence of a thermometer to capture the temperature of the baby’s room, which is displayed on a screen of 1.6 thumb. Finally, if you want to schedule an appointment or a simple task for your kid, the 5 reminders of the baby monitor will be your agenda.

Chicco Digital Audio Top


This video model of our comparative has all the qualities of a high-end babyphone.

Naturally, it contains all the options found in a standard baby monitor. In practice, it allows to establish a permanent contact with your baby, no matter where you will be in the house or outside. It has an operating range of 150 meters, which is well above average.

On the communication side, this device guarantees the total absence of interference. With its digital technology, the reception with both parent and child units is quite excellent. When it comes to food, you can choose between the terms that are right for you. In fact, this equipment works with rechargeable lithium batteries and batteries and can be connected to the mains thanks to its two adapters. Apart from that, the Video Digital Essential baby monitor also has a number of useful features.

We will especially note the presence of a night light which allows to enlighten a little the child while he falls asleep. In addition, the intensity of the light provided can be adjusted at will. Aside from that, this item is equipped with a steerable camera with infrared that turns out to be very convenient for night vision. Perfectly framed on a large 2.4-inch screen, this device is very easy to use despite the existence of these options.

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